Scientific Anglers Spey Skagit float

Floating Skagit Line for Salmon and Steelhead. Compact, powerful design with fully tapered belly for consistent turnover and accurate delivery

kr 699.00
  • 600 gr (39 gram) 7,2 meter
  • 570 gr (36,9 gram) 7 meter
  • 540 gr (35 gram) 6,9 meter
  • 510 gr (33,1 gram) 6,7 meter
  • 480 gr (31,2 gram) 6,6 meter
  • 450 gr (29,2 gram) 6,6 meter
  • 420 gr (27,3 gram) 6,4 meter

• Designed to be used with sink tips for targeting steelhead and salmon
• High contrast sighter at the rear of the head identifies the perfect overhang
• Intermediate sink density swings flies deeper and slower than a floating head
• Braided multifilament core for moderate and cold climates

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