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Scientific Anglers Headway T-tips

  • • More mass ensures maximum sink rate
    • Front taper makes casting easier than traditional T-Tips
    • Front taper gives better presentations than traditional T-Tips
    • Textured coating, which - compared to traditional tips - makes the tips easier to pull out of the water prior to casting
    • Looped in both ends- ready to fish
    • Scientific Anglers line-ID on both bellies and tips, so you can always identify the right line for the right job
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kr 399.00
  • 15ft
  • T - 14 (205 grains / 13,5 gram)
  • T - 16 (240 grains / 15,5 gram)
  • T - 12 (180 grains / 11,5 gram)

13level T material with a 2 front taper for digging deep, while looking for early season chromers - or working deep pools during late season.

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kr 399.00
The tapered tips will turn over both the smallest and biggest salmon flies out there. The tips will also improve most other heads (from competing brands) in the market Tips range from 9 – 18´ in six different...



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