FutureFly Signature hen saddle

Futurefly signature hen saddle

kr 249.00
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Black
  • Golden Olive
  • Golden Yellow
  • KF Blue
  • GR/Coachman grizzly
  • Orange Grizzly
  • Nature Grizzly
  • Fl.Yellow/Chartreuse
  • Burned Orange
  • Chartreuse green Grizzly
  • Yellow Grizzly
  • Sunburst yellow Grizzly
  • Dark olive Grizzly
  • Silver doc.blue
  • Copper olive
  • KF Blue Grizzly
  • Purple
  • red grizzly

We have been searching for feathers for our Micro and Nano flies.. And now we found theme.. And in a very high quality. It comes in a hole saddle, and there are feathers to many flies in one saddle.. Perfect also for medium size flies We have theme in both Grizzly and pure colors.. We believe these saddles will be the new “Cult”

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